K-9 Cookie Monster

There’s something too undeniably cute about dressing your pets up for Halloween, or any other occasion that you can think of for that matter. Despite the fact that they hate it and feel the same way you did every time your mom forced you to wear that hideous sweater for school picture day, it’s hard to resist the temptation of tying a silly hat or collar onto them for your own as well as everyone else’s amusement. And for those who have dogs with wiry coats as well as an immature love for Sesame Street… a cookie monster costume for dogs is just too perfect. Here’s how to pull it off.


First up is your dog’s primary-color-dye job. Dying your dog’s coat can easily be done with kool-aid and conditioner. Buy a few packs of the sugar free berry blue-lemon lime flavor (which is an exact match), mix it with cheap conditioner, comb it into their coat, leave it in for about 30 minutes and then rinse it out without using shampoo. This unfortunately is going to be a guaranteed mess so try to do it outside if you can because kool aid can stain. If you feel that dying your dog counts as animal abuse you can use a blue sweater or shirt, but your dog will hate you more for it.


Making the infamous Seasame Street puppet eyes is pretty simple. Glue two large styrofoam balls with large black dots painted on them to a headband. Add pieces of blue ribbon to the ends of the headband so you can tie it in place.

Final Touch

Lastly, for a little extra fun, keep dog treats that look like cookies with you to feed them for being a good sport. Everybody will easily be able to tell who your dog is dressed up as and it won’t cost you more than $15 to assemble. Now all you need to worry about is your own costume………Oscar The Grouch maybe?